Bad Day?

Understanding your avionics is basic required pilot ability. But what happens if a situation transpires into a worse situation that goes beyond basic avionics knowledge? The key to winning this situation is to take a big breath and go back to basics. Not every scenario is documented in a checklist or training course. But keeping … Continue reading Bad Day?

Preflight Checks on Gear

Key items to inspect on landing gear during preflight? Tread, Air Pressure, the usual right? What about cleaning off any dirt from the main strut and actuator? If you’re an owner Im sure you nice these specific items, but not everyone does…Like it or not, a dirty strut or actuator can cause excess wear on … Continue reading Preflight Checks on Gear

We’re hiring!!

Coast Air Center is hiring qualified A&P mechanics. We’re expanding our customer base to the turbine world, and we’re seeking PT6 experienced mechanics. Please contact us now for an interview.

New Cylinders

Finding a shop with the ability to replace cylinders is simple. But finding a shop who puts the care and attention required to assure your safety is challenging. Knowing the right questions to ask can be tricky, and getting the answer you need and deserve, has even more challenges. Don’t always trust the “best price”. … Continue reading New Cylinders

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